Niels Bach Møbelfabrik specialises in high quality furniture in exclusive designs and finish,
in solid teak, oak and steamed beech.

The company was established in 1919 and is today one of the leading manufactures of Danish high 
quality furniture.

Our main markeds are: Japan , U.S.A, Canada and Germany . We are also represented on the Italian, 
Austrian, Swiss, Dutch and British markeds.

We offer a wide variety of products such as dining- coffee-, and small tables, beds, night stands 
sideboards and high chests.  

We are very flexible, and are able to custom craft almost all our model into almost any size and 
shape. We are also able to meet many requests for the end customers special ideas.

Should You have any questions or or need further informations please mail or fax us at:                              or fax 0045 86421545